Summer SD Campus 2023

The Summer SD Campus was held in the city of Lviv from 2August to 6 August.

Courtesy of the SD Platform

Courtesy of the SD Platform

Courtesy of the SD Platform

Courtesy of the SD Platform

The Summer SD Campus was held in the city of Lviv from 2August to 6August. From 2015 to 2023, SD Platform in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Ukraine has organized 16 SD Campuses, in which more than 700 progressive young people from different parts of Ukraine took part.

SD Campus is a platform on which the current social processes are rethought and the discussions of the progressive solutions for the most pressing problems of today take place. This unique format of the event was created for the purpose of free training, development and realization of personal opportunities for active young people from all corners of Ukraine.

Young people prove that modern challenges need not be feared by progressive people. Active Ukrainian youth have the opportunity to develop even during the war. Progressive leadership is awareness of needs and problems, as well as finding ways to solve them.

The participants of the Summer SD Campus immersed themselves in the topic of social democracy and the historical context of its development, discussed about progressive social democratic leaders, learned public speaking skills, got information how European youth organizations function and, discussed the opportunities and challenges that democracy will face in post-war Ukraine.

Among the speakers of the Summer SD Campus were:

Ivan Nagornyak - Deputy Director of the Government Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine.

Marcin Valetskyi - Director of the National Democratic Institute NDI in Ukraine.

Lasse Rebbin - Jusos' Vice President

Aleksandra Iwanowska – International Secretary of FMS (Federation of Young Social Democrats)

Hamza Jamous - International Secretary of the Social Democratic Organization of Students in Sweden

Rasmus Jungersen Emborg - President of the Nordic Youth Council; Vice President of DSU (Social Democratic Youth of Denmark), responsible for international relations

Eugenia di Polito - Secretary responsible for European and international relations of JSC (Socialist Youth of Catalonia)

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