Social Justice

Securing democracy depends on social justice. Rebuilding Ukraine after the war and ensuring internal cohesion can only be successful if the social dimension is kept in sight. The social partners – employers and trade unions – have to be key actors in the reform and further development of the Ukrainian welfare state. Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is one of the few international NGOs in Ukraine that has cooperated with social partners for many years already.

FES not only aims to promote social dialogue, but to broaden the socio-political debate on Ukraine's EU integration and post-war recovery to include aspects of the social dimension of this process. The European project is not a purely economic one, but also intended to safeguard fundamental social rights. In our project work, we aim to develop proposals for a gradual reform of the welfare state, for implementing principles of decent work and for regional economic development.  Models of economic development and post-war reconstruction are being discussed, and FES uses its global network to enrich the Ukrainian debate with international reform experiences and best practice examples.


20.06.2024 | Social Justice, News
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22.04.2024 | Social Justice, News | Publications

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27.02.2024 | Social Justice, News | Publications

Young people will have to live with the burden of Ukraine's post-war recovery and transformation.