Sustainable Economy

A sustainable economic policy strives to achieve ecological, economic and social goals simultaneously, instead off prioritizing one field over the other two. Our work’s focus is, therefore, attempting to bring these three aspects into balance in public discourse and policy.

For Ukraine, the debate on the promotion of a "green" economy has become even more actual after Russia’s 2022 full-scale invasion. The wide-spread destruction made the advantages of a decentralized, autonomous energy system apparent. The energy crisis also reinforced the urgency to increase efficiency and promote innovative technologies. The concept of “build back better” is not only addressing economic modernization and reconstruction, but also asks how Ukrainians are going to live and work in the future.

Housing policy and energy-efficient modernization have been one focal point of our work because of the huge social significance and the immediate effect policy reforms have here on citizens. FES Ukraine can draw upon Germany's rich experience as an international pioneer in this field and is also striving to include Ukrainian stakeholders in global best practice debates.

Education policy is a further important component of modernization strategy: The promotion of dual education concepts is important to improve the skill-set of Ukraine’s workforce and to increase employment opportunities in the future.


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Ukraines vulnerability towards Russian aggression also stems from the fact that it entered the war with an economy compromised by three decades of…


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Issues related to the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine are of great interest both within the state and abroad.



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We present to you the Guide "Ensuring of Backup Power During Wartime and Peacetime in Ukraine"