ToT Proftech - the role of professionals in Ukraine's recovery

FES-Ukraine in cooperation with the NGO "Progresylni" has conducted "ToT Proftech: Training for Teachers of Vocational and Technical Education Institutions", held in Odesa (16-18 June 2023).

Given the challenges of war and uncertainty, the professionals are the ones to be at the forefront of Ukraine's post-war reconstruction and progressive advancement. Therefore, FES-Ukraine strongly believes that the comprehensive education of teachers and the adequate educational system, adaptable to the needs of the labour market is crucial for the restoration of Ukrainian infrastructure.

"ToT Proftech" - is a training course for vocational educators designed to empower them with practical skills and relevant knowledge in a relatively short period of time. Currently, welders, carpenters, electricians, machine tool operators, and approximately 400 other fields require competent teachers and professionals to ensure the proper functioning of the internal life in our the country.

More than 200 applications for participation were received, the 26 most motivated participants from all over Ukraine were chosen through a competitive selection process.

During the panel discussion "VET in times of uncertainty: a driving force in the recovery of Ukraine", the participants had an opportunity to learn the opinion of Ukrainian and foreign experts, including Iryna Shumik, Director General of the Directorate of Vocational Education at the Ministry of Education and Science, and Janik du Pont, CEO of the Dutch organization "Spark".

At the same time, FES-Ukraine, and the NGO "Progresylni" strive to provide both theoretical and practical expertise for teachers. For this reason, the ToT participants were to experience the effectiveness of the new learning methodologies: role-playing games, crisis management, "human library" format, energizers and numerous other practical activities that will significantly improve the quality of Ukrainian vocational education. 

FES Ukraine is strongly committed to profound transformations in the Ukrainian education system, believing that experienced professionals and a decent education level are the pillars of Ukraine’s development and modernization towards a prosperous European future!

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