The "Girls Media Academy 1.0 / Академія медіа для дівчат 1.0" project

Люб´язно надано ГО "Жіноча Ліга"
Люб´язно надано ГО "Жіноча Ліга"

In today's world, where information and the speed of its transmission play a crucial role, media and communications have become key elements of everyday life. The ability to critically assess a situation and create quality content is an essential skill for young people, especially those who seek to become changemakers

The "Girls Media Academy 1.0 / Академія медіа для дівчат 1.0" project is a unique opportunity for girls 18-21 years old who do not study journalism or communications as part of their formal education to develop skills in the field of media, communications and blogging. This project is a tool to help them become more resilient to disinformation and manipulation, as well as gain a comprehensive understanding of how media and blogging work in Ukraine. Graduates of the project will gain not only basic knowledge in the respective fields but also learn how to highlight socially important issues, such as gender inequality, climate change, body shaming, and much more

The project consists of:

  • 20 online meetings (10 informative and 10 practical)
  • Creative tasks between meetings
  • Interactive activities and practices
  • Additional resources for deeper independent study of each topic
  • Community of support and development in Telegram
  • Contest of journalistic materials, the best of which will be published in partner media
  • Competition of socially-oriented materials for publication in social networks, the author of one of which will receive a one-time grant of 3,000 UAH from the NGO "Women's League" for the purchase of additional educational materials/courses on a topic relevant to the subject of the project
  • Internship in the editorial office of the media partner of the project - online magazine "Ukrainky"
  • Two-day study visit to Kyiv for the most diligent graduates (20 people) with a visit to the media editorial office, a discussion on the development of journalism and blogging in Ukraine, as well as workshops on public speaking and the development of creative thinking

More about the meetings’ topics and schedule: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_r9ESDwnj3UPDoyUs2vqTAuU3d8JWiJd/view?usp=sharing 

Who can take part in this project?

  • Girls 18-21 years old from all over Ukraine who study at a college or university in a specialty not related to journalism or communications (for example, study history, sociology, economics, IT, etc.)
  • For active and ambitious girls who aspire to become changemakers using the power of words
  • For girls who want to expand their circle of acquaintances and get into the environment of motivated young people

How to participate in the project?

Important! Only 50 girls from all over Ukraine will be selected to participate in the project based on their motivation and willingness to participate in all meetings foreseen by the project. Priority will be given to girls from small settlements, taking into account regional representation

The "Girls Media Academy 1.0 / Академія медіа для дівчат 1.0" project was founded by the NGO "Women's League" with the support of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Representation in Ukraine. Media partners of the project are the online magazine "Ukrainky", the project "WoMo", the platform "Women are 50% of Ukraine's success", the campaign against sexism in media and politics "Povaha", the media of solutions "Rubryka" and the online magazine "SALO PAYSALO"

You can learn more about the project on its official Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/gma.project.ua    

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